Tenorio Volcano Area Hotels

The Tenorio Volcano is located near Guanacaste’s border with the Northern Lowlands of Costa Rica. This area is beginning to garner more attention as travelers get word of its impressive blend of forest (rainforest, dry tropical forest, and primary cloud forest) and the enchanting river, Río Celeste, whose waters runs with a blue-tinted color. The forests offer fine hiking opportunities and trips can be made into either the Tenorio Volcano National Park or to the Miravalles Volcano, both of which are part of a larger protected zone. The area hosts a nice assortment of wildlife, including capuchin and squirrel monkeys, jaguarundi, and armadillo. The Tenorio Volcano’s geothermal activity gives rise to several hot springs and there is an assortment of other activities – including white water rafting, horseback riding, and zip lining – for visitors to choose from.

Appropriately, the hotels in this area give travelers easy access to the outdoors. Many have their own gardens and hiking trails, providing guests with the convenience of being able to walk out their door and be immediately immersed in nature. As with other ecologically minded places, the hotels here are often conscious of their environmental impact and take steps towards reducing the harm that they inflict on the surrounding environment. Accommodations are comfortable and generally come equipped with a private hot water bathroom, air conditioning, cable TV and wireless internet. Some of the nicer hotels even have outdoor showers and private indoor Jacuzzis. Hot tubs or warm swimming pools are not uncommon and provide a nice respite from the chilly nighttime weather that can often accompany high altitudes. Finally, most hotels have their own restaurant and bar.